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Learn, live and share essential oils with Oils Primer Essential Oils Guide.  Learn about single oils and blends, look up a myriad of health concerns and learn what oils help to support your body's natural functions. Check out hundreds of oils, usages and recipes to help you use your essential oils. Bookmark your favorites, make notes and even order oils right from your smart phone.



Did you know that Essential Oils are everywhere? Just check the ingredients list on your favorite products! Now there is a resource to help you learn about essential oils and how they are used in wellness applications, weight loss, cooking, bath/beauty products and more.

Oils Primerâ„¢ is FREE essential oils mobile guide for your smartphone that helps you learn, use and share essential oils with others. Available now for Android, and iOS.*

Oils Primer Essential Oils App is a comprehensive guide for learning about essential oils, including various applications and uses. Developed  by a Wellness Advocate, this app is free to the public. For people who are curious about the business of sharing essential oils with others, download the app and check out what being on our team can do to help your business. Lead by a Silver Wellness Advocate with a degree in marketing from the University of Southern Califonia, Oils Pro offers free social media help and customer communications templates to builders on our team.

The app was developed by EssentialOS in conjunction with Grassfrog Technologies LLC and OilsPro.com.
EssentialOS also hosts OilsBase.com, a free discussion portal for essential oils users. To learn more about essential oils, join the conversation, or download the free app today from Google Play.



Unlike other essential oils apps available for Android and iOs, the Oils Primer Mobile Guide to Essential Oils is FREE. If you like Oils Primer, use it, rate it, and be sure to buy your essential oils using the app as well.


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